Posted on 14-Jan-2020

🎓 Ildiko Skeldon Piano Studio 🎓

As a local local Richmond, BC piano teacher I am very proud with how Myra and Gareth played Menuet Celebre by Boccherini which was recorded at the Tsawwassen Arts Centre.

This video had gotten over 36,760 views on our YouTube channel until someone unfortunately hacked the account.

What a shame because it would probably be much higher by now!

Wondering if it's the piece itself? Or just the great playing?

So pleased to see the success of my students.

It is also very rewarding to see others appreciate the caliber of playing and reward the video performances with views and likes.

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In the meantime, tap 'Learn more' to listen in on our site and I think you’ll agree that they ‘aced it’!
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