Posted on Feb 8, 2020

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Always enjoy speaking about the mock exam process! And how it's such a great way to leverage a piano students current knowledge & skills into actually getting higher piano exam results!

Mock exams work!

As a local Richmond, BC piano teacher and RCM Examinar with many years of professional experience I totally believe in the value & process of mock exams for piano students to get higher examination marks.

Mock exams can help you find gaps in your understanding & identify your weaknesses.

Mock exams provide a really good opportunity for you to get some feedback from an examiner in the same style as you will receive on the actual exam day.

Mock exams highlight any problems that you might have with exams, and give you the chance to overcome them in time for the real thing.

As much as you might dread the thought of mock exams, they are the best thing you can do to help you get ready for your upcoming piano exam!

A mock exam will help you feel more relaxed on the day (yes, really!) & it will help you look forward to exam day.

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