Posted on Mar 24, 2020

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What should I expect for my 'online' piano lesson?

Be ready to be flexible!

Things probably won't go exactly perfectly on the first lesson but you'll be able to adjust & adapt quickly.

That's just part of the initial learning experience & part of the fun of 'online learning'...

Here are a few tips to help:

Make sure your camera or digital device is placed just the right way to see hands on the piano & face too!

Have someone help get set up and position the camera before the lesson starts.

Once set up, remember how to do it because it will be used for each lesson after. It's just part of being a good 'prepared performer'!

Make sure all music & assignment books; pencils & pens, etc. are handy!

Parents of very young children should be close at hand & be able to step in to help if the need arises.

Try to keep distractions to a minimum during the lesson. It's amazing what a microphone can pick up! Turn off the TV & have other children in another room!

Looking for online piano lessons in a distance learning environment with a progressive piano teacher in Richmond, BC?

The Ildiko Skeldon Piano Studio provides convenient online distance learning for piano lessons, theory lessons & mock exams to students not wishing to leave their personal environments.

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