Posted on Mar 25, 2020

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Is it even possible that 'online learning' can be as good as 'in-person' lessons?

The short answer is 'Yes'!

And here's a pic of one student giving me a 'virtual hug' at the end of his 2nd lesson!

Online distance learning has been around for many years & one of the big benefits is that it allows the teacher the opportunity to see how the student interacts with their 'at-home' piano...

Also, there is often more interaction & less lecturing because of distance learning & this often engages students even more...

Online lessons can actually improve a students level of responsibility as they may have to 'self mark' in books & on assigments; this often helps students rmemeber assignments & practice more effectively from week to week.

Looking for online piano lessons in a distance learning environment with a progressive piano teacher in Richmond, BC?

The Ildiko Skeldon Piano Studio provides convenient online distance learning for piano lessons, theory lessons & mock exams to students not wishing to leave their personal environments.

To set up an interview, sample piano lesson or mock exam call the Ildiko Skeldon Piano Studio here.

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